Goldfields Tours

Explore Goldfields in one of two ways, or – if you have the time, combine both (at the same price) for a two hour journey of discovery.

The Goldfields Experience (“GE”) One hour

The Goldfields ExperienceA one hour fully guided tour of the most accessible parts of the Goldfields Park. The tour starts at the visitor centre where you meet your guide for an introduction into the Park’s history. It then follows a track through sites of ground sluicing to the Chinese village and a number of early mines and tunnels dug by the miners. From vantage points above the park, visitors can gain a full appreciation of the enormous amount of work done by the early miners utilising water brought on site through miles of water races in the hills beyond the park’s boundaries.

The tour finishes at the Goldfield’s mine where a California sluice gun is fired up to reveal its awesome water pressure used to dislodge gold bearing ore, Next, the stamper battery used to crush the gold bearing rocks brought out from the adjacent mine.

Prices:  Adults $25   Children $10 (inc GST)

The Self Guided Tour (“SG”) – One to two hours

Goldfields ToursFor visitors with the time to explore. The Goldfield’s Park covers 25 hectares with many original historic sites. For the self-guided tour visitors are provided with a map of the park to enable them to explore at leisure. Those walking the park in this way can meet up with the guides on the guided tour to join in the demonstration of the mining equipment.

Prices:  Adults $25   Children $10 (inc GST)

At the conclusion of all tours, visitors are provided with gold pans and shown how to pan for the elusive gold. Remember it’s “finders keepers” so this is your chance to “strike it rich”.